The Torrent Rig is essentially the “Tokyo Rig” that every one is going nuts over. These are assembled here at Torrent Lure Co. and sold as a 3 piece package deal. Comes with EWG hooks in the size of your choice. 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, or 5/0. The wire is a 0.080 wire so it won’t bend under numerous times of use. (Weights not included). Comes in 8” lengths. You can easily trim it shorter with a pair of side cutters. 
Multi-function lure. You can use it as a Punch Shot rig or you can keep contact with the bottom and reel it back in. It’s the new craze that’s going on!!!! Get yours today while they are in stock!!

The Torrent Rig (3 count packs)


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